American Idols part 2

It might seem that if we are working for God, everything about that activity  is good and God-centered.  Yet, at times, even our “service” or “ministry” can become an idol.  If I get too caught up in “my” agenda for “my” ministry and “my” service for God, I have begun to worship the work rather than the Lord I’m working for.  I need to ask myself when was the last time I laid my service before the Lord in prayer and really listened to the thoughts nagging around the edges of my mind?  When was the last time I asked Him to show me how to handle certain situations?  When was the last time I asked Him to show me His priorities for His work?  A good barometer of my attitude is to assess my response to interruptions.  The interruption may be from God, leading me in a slightly different direction, or forcing me to add something I hadn’t thought about.  God always knew I would have this interruption, however inconvenient, and He allowed it.  It has its purpose.  Its been said that if an American in ministry encountered a burning bush, he’d either douse it or hurry around it and continue on his way.  How sadly true.  God doesn’t speak in literal burning bushes anymore, but He has burning bush equivalents in our lives, and we need to stop and listen to what He is saying through them.



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