Vermont’s “Gay Marriage”

What I really never hear anymore is a discussion on the reasons why the government got involved in marriage in the first place.  After all, we see that marriage historically was usually a religious and family ceremony.  The state’s interest has always been in its future.  It is concerned with the generation to come and the continuation of the society and culture.  The state’s interest has been protection for children by binding fathers to their responsibility to them, and protection for mothers who do make economic sacrifices in order to have children.  Since homosexuals cannot bear children TOGETHER, the state has no interest in their marriage beyond some kind of recognition and a sharing of whatever financial advantages the state confers on married couples.  Considering the financial advantages are supposed to result in offspring who become citizens of the state, the financial advantages which go to homosexual couples result in nothing for the state at all.

Homosexual couples can and do adopt children.  However, they adopt children who will consequently never know what it is to have both a mother and a father.  We already have a couple generation’s experience with what happens when children are raised without fathers.  The societal breakdown is so great that if anything, the state might consider even greater incentives to heterosexual marriage in these communities.  But to grant the incentives of marriage to a couple who can neither produce children nor provide mother and father or even grandmother and grandfather to children, is simply an investment with no return on the part of the state, however “fair” it may appear.


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