Whats Inside?

How are you doing on your New Years resolutions?  Mine was to be sweeter.  That is, until I learned trying to be sweeter doesn’t really work.  Oh, I can play the part for quite awhile, but its a phony sweetness however well I act.  How can I tell whether I have really become sweeter?  Wait till I get squeezed!  When I put fruit into the blender to make a smoothie, what do I get?  Whatever was in the fruit to begin with.  No matter how beautiful the grapes or strawberries look on the outside, I can tell by the smoothie how sweet they were on the inside.

I’m the same way.  When I get squeezed by stress, time pressure, some ridiculous driver or some general jerk, am I sweet then?

  Jesus said “By their fruit you will know them?”  Huh? Could he have been talking about me and how I act when squeezed?  Well, how can I get sweet on the inside for real?

The answer is, I can’t.  I can only let Jesus into the inside of me, into every aspect of my life and personality.  He will provide the sweetness.  I can’t conjure that up, but I can block His attempts to sweeten me.  I can be selfish, stubborn, or simply ignore Him for long periods of time.  I can stop praying, stop reading His words and stop doing what I already know He wants.  Or I can repent and let Him have his way.  Only He can grow the sweet fruit.


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