Is Patient Visitation Grounds for Gay Marriage?

Leonard Pitts wrote a heart-wrenching article about how a Lesbian woman wasn’t allowed to see her dying partner. He made a case for their being an outstanding couple and how “gay hatred” is at fault here. The woman had a medical power of attorney for the patient and the hospital had a concern for the patient’s privacy rights. I researched the case at length and although it is presented as a gay rights case, this really isn’t a case about gay rights. Anyone who holds the power of attorney for medical care should have the right to see the person at issue. Otherwise how can they make the legal decisions regarding care they have been empowered to make? Since the hospital erred in this case, they should be sued in my opinion. Establishing gay marriage nationwide still wouldn’t solve the issue of friends who hold powers of attorney for medical care for each other. This is a very, very common practice in the community, especially in this day and age when families often live far from one another. Particularly in the senior community, you have friends giving medical power of attorney to one another, and in these cases, the person holding the power of attorney has a right to see the patient and a right to the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. This is an issue that is more far-reaching and common than gay partnerships, and “gay marriage” wouldn’t solve it for the vast majority of people affected by it.


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