Whats Fair is Fair

There’s been some talk lately about re-establishing the “Fairness Doctrine” whereby radio would be regulated by the government to make sure both ends of the political spectrum get a “fair” amount of time.  Can you imagine the government being fair?  Whoever is in power has control, period.  Can you imagine Rush Limbaugh on NPR?  That would be fair, wouldn’t it?  What about TV?  It isn’t being regulated for fairness.  I wonder why.  After looking at the coverage of the last election, the media bias toward the democratic party was obvious to anyone who was trying to be “fair”.  But there is no hint of regulating TV.  Why?  The Democrats are in power and TV is their best ally.  However, imagine the shoe on the other foot.  What if, after eight years and no improvement in the economy, the Democrats suddenly find themselves on the outside.  Would they be happy to have TV regulated by a Republican majority government deciding what is  “fair” (which means fair to the party in power). 

Leave free speech alone.  Anything else is too dangeous, even if our radio is tilted in favor of conservatives and our TV is tilted in favor of liberals (oops, thats now called “progressives”)


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