A Prayer of Thanks to Jesus

Jesus, how horribly difficult it must have been for you in your humanity to face all you did in your earthly ministry.  You faced opposition everywhere you went.  Leadership was waiting for a chance to trip you up, dripping with criticism, sarcasm and hate.  The mob had its cynics and skeptics with attitudes ranging from “ho hum another populist” to “show us a miracle–impress us!”  Much of the mob wanted only something for themselves.  Some was legitimate:  people who needed an illness cured.  Many only wanted someone to take care of them so they could give up the worry of taking care of themselves.  And everywhere–sin!  Yet, you served and you loved.  In your divinity you healed people.  In your humanity, you got tired, hot, hungry, thirsty, and frustrated.  It was a trial beyond our understanding, to have to deal with all our sin all the time.  But you did–to the death!  Thank you Jesus!


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