God and my Stuff

I heard a challenge in a sermon recently.  Would I let God re-arrange my stuff.  Wow!  I never liked ANYONE touching my stuff.  I would scarcely let my dear husband into the kitchen.  He surely better not be rearranging it!  I never wanted my crafts, my desk, my closet or my dresser touched by anyone else.  My mess was my mess.  At least I knew where things were and I had control.  OK God, I prayed.  Just tell me whats wrong with my stuff and I’ll re-arrange it myself.  The answer I thought I heard from God really startled me.  “Whose stuff is it anyway?”


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One Response to “God and my Stuff”

  1. 4maryhaskett Says:

    I’m thinking about the mess I had in my little office at home and how I spent so much time trying to remember where I had put stuff. In the process of looking I made more mess. I’m sure it was God who prompted me to file and label every item and to place books in order of categories. It took me several days, but it sure is good to know where everything is. I’m making myself put items back as soon as I’ve finished with them. It is all God’s stuff so i better take care of it!

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