A Prayer for America on Inauguration Day

Father, I humbly approach your throne of grace in Jesus name.  You know far better than I do, the true condition of America, yet I stand with my people as a citizen of this nation and plead for her.  Father, I am in awe that You have eternally known the histories of every nation.  You have engineered human history to suit your purposes.  No godless group, no false god and no evil government has ever been allowed to continue indefinitely.  They all fall. 

Father, I confess how far we’ve fallen since April 29, 1607 when a cross was planted on the Virginia shoreline and our nation was dedicated to You.  Now You are nearly outlawed and nearly driven underground by those who hate You.  I confess our godlessness, pride, rebellion, hedonism and perversion of all Your gifts.  I confess our gross lack of love for You and others.

Lord, I thank You for Your mercy on us.  I thank You that the church is still strong in some local areas of the country.  I thank You that many beautiful ministries continue to function with very little attention given them.  I thank You for Your graces, Your gifts, Your continuing to reveal Yourself to us.  I thank You for peace within our borders, relative prosperity compared with much of the world, and relative order.  I thank You for loving us all far more than we deserve.

Lord, I would ask for spiritual blessing and protection on our nation.  Let people be awakened to who You are.  Let people repent of their lack of love for You and return to You in masses.  Let our leadership return to You.  Let there be conversions in high places all over the country.  Let the media and opinion makers come to know You.  Let all the proposed laws meant to silence believers fail.  Let all ideas get a fair hearing in our institutions, for truth will always rise to the top.  Protect our military and keep them people of integrity, people of courage and people who pray.  Let idealistic people get into education–people who want all ideas examined and who want to encourage critical thinking.

Please strengthen our families again.  Please give children respect for adults and give adults love for children.  Please give people an appreciation for the sanctity of marriage.  Let divorce become rare.  Let the living without marriage cease.  Let all perverse forms of sexuality which use and degrade people cease.

Let there be unity of respect across the land.  Let people want to put the good of all ahead of their own agendas.

Bring the power of Your Spirit down on this nation and upon its individual citizens.  Lord  You promised the Spirit would be given when we ask.  We ask it now, in faith.  Send forth Your Spirit that we might be re-created and Lord, renew the face of our land.



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