Victory over Death

I will admit I can’t understand why death is still around if Jesus died to defeat our death.  He paid the price, he defeated sin, death and Satan.  Why then, do humans still die, and especially why do his followers still die?  Why don’t we just get “beamed up” into heaven?

I had some insight into this question a couple of years ago when I talked with a medical researcher who studied death and near death and the hormonal and chemical changes which occur at the time of death.  She told me that when the organ systems begin irreversible failure the body produces huge amounts of endorphins and other chemicals which produce a euphoria.  Its why so many people who have recounted a near death experience talk of feeling at peace and detached from the process.

Then I read in the bible where it says Jesus tasted death so we wouldn’t have to.  I had always thought of it in the spiritual sense of not having to  experience separation from God, blackness or something like that.  But here was evidence that we are indeed delivered from the physical experience of bodily death, and this  is universal whether the person was a believer or not.  Jesus, indeed conquered death in the physical sense, for us all.  Thank you Jesus.

Spiritual death, is, something else entirely, and we have a choice in whether we experience it.  If we reject His grace, there’s nowhere else to go but away from Him.  If we accept His gift of grace, we live with him forever, and never, ever experience separation from Him.  What a gift, especially since every one of us has been an ungrateful child who thought at some point we didn’t need Him.

Jesus, thank you for the gift of eternal life with you.  I want you, and the life you offer.  I can’t live without you and I never want to try.  I’m sorry I haven’t been as loving toward you as you deserve.  Help me love you more.


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