Is Barak Obama Christian?

I do not know, honestly, whether Barak Obama is a godly man. He says he has chosen Christianity. What I cannot know is whether he consults Jesus Christ, pays homage to Jesus Christ, or is obedient to Jesus Christ. What I do know is that Jesus Christ holds Barak Obama in His hand. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus Christ. The scriptures say God holds the king’s heart in His hand. It doesn’t matter from our perspective whether Barak Obama lives in Christ’s hand knowingly, willingly and happily, or unknowingly, or knowingly, unwillingly and unhappily.  Jesus Christ will use Barak Obama as He pleases. This is our hope and our comfort. How Barak Obama handles Jesus’ control of him ultimately matters most only to Barak Obama. For his attitude to Jesus will determine the future course of his life and his ultimate destiny.



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