How to be more productive in retirement

Retirement is a wonderful thing.  It is a time to be ones own boss and set one’s own goals.  At the same time one may find oneself undirected, having fuzzy goals, and eventually becoming bored and depressed as days become less meaningful.

It helps to stop and think about ones purpose in life.  We were all gifted in some way, have values and interests, and these things were meant to be fulfilled.  When we determine our larger purpose, the area where our abilities, values and interests intersect, and we see a need we can fill with our unique purpose, voila, we have our calling, ministry or meaning.

Now, we have to stop puttering.  We need to look at our days in light of our meaning, and set some goals for ourselves.  If we still seem to be drifting, it helps to look at each day and see where we spend our time.  Are we getting distracted and frittering away our time on useless things like long-winded phone calls that go nowhere, surfing the internet with no purpose in mind other than entertainment, watching too much tv, playing games etc.  We need to look at how we spend our time in relation to our overall calling, and our general callings such as family needs, and see where we simply waste time.  Then we just have to be mindful of the big picture as we organize our days now that we are our own boss.  Being our own boss still means we have a boss.


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