Am I Giving My Best?

Lord in this new year, help me give You my best.  Help me to frequently ask myself these questions.

Am I giving You my best in prayer? Am I taking time, focusing on You, being honest, going deep?

Am I giving You my best in study and thinking?  My mind is a gift from You.  Am I cultivating the habit of reading and reflecting, asking myself thought provoking questions that exercise my mind?

Am I giving You my best in helping Your children?  Am I serving the needy in my community?  Am I doing this to the best of my ability, not only in the time I give, but in the thought I put into it.  Am I doing something that really matters?  Am I expecting what I do to have some measureable results?  Do I study the efforts of others who have gone before so I don’t waste time reinventing the wheel?

Am I giving You the best of my finances?  Do I not only tithe, but look for ways to save or make more money for Your work in the world?

Am I giving You my best in serving the church?  Am I using all the gifts you have given me, or am I serving in a way that neither challenges me nor uses my strengths to their fullest?  Am I serving where I’m not gifted because I care what somebody else thinks?

Am I giving You my best in encouraging others in their faith?  Do I watch for those people who are struggling and need a little lift?  Do I pray for words that will comfort and inspire?

Am I giving my best in sharing Your love and the insights You have given me?  You haven’t given me a relationship with You solely for my own gratification, but to share love with others, and particularly my knowledge of a loving God who loves them too.  Help me stay close to You, and trust you to give me wisdom, discernment and ways to share love with those who need that touch in a dark world.


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