A Prayer for the New Year

Lord, I ask your greatest blessing on America in this new year.  I don’t mean greater material blessings, or even peace, but a great outpouring of Your Spirit on this nation.  May we look at Your broken heart and weep tears of repentance.  May we see Your Vision, dream Your Dream and wholeheartedly turn to You.  Our sins are so great Lord, and I include myself in this.  Let repentance begin with me.

Oh Lord, we Americans have made ourselves God.  We think we can make up our own rules.  We don’t even consider that we owe You anything.  Until we realize our helplessness, until we come to the end of ourselves, our culture hangs onto the idea that we’re somehow in control, and answerable only to ourselves.  Lord, save us from ourselves, and help us we pray.



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