Why would God allow suffering?

People have often asked how a good God could allow suffering.  I thought about very good parents I know who, in a sense, allowed their children to suffer.  These parents subjected their children to painful medical procedures, surgeries and debilitating chemotherapy.  They did it to save their children’s lives in the face of cancer.  These same parents suffered along with their children, holding and comforting them through many ordeals and long sleepless nights.  The children who were too young to understand the meaning of it all, had to trust the goodness of their parents.

Our heavenly Father, in caring for us, has to deal with a cancer called sin.  It is present in every one of us.  We can’t begin to understand the enormity of it, how dangerous it is to our eternal life, or the mysteries surrounding it.  God, who must sometimes allow pain and trouble in our lives, nevertheless comforts us and stays with us through everything.



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