Miracles Part 7

The miracles I’ve seen in my life point me to God.  They are a little too complex to be mere coincidence, and in every case they were an answer to prayer.  I think it was GK Chesterton who said “Whenever I pray the coincidences happen with greater frequency.”

Prayer is another reason I have learned there is a God.  My first real, sincere prayer in which I reached out to God was answered in a surprising way.  It was the desperate “God if you are real, I want to know you” kind of prayer.  Immediately I felt God’s presence in a real way.  There was a physical reaction in my body, my sight and my sensation.  I heard His voice inside my soul and it was surprising.  He said He loved me at a time I did not love myself.  He gave me purpose when I was totally lost.  He gave me that physical awareness of His “next to me” presence when I wasn’t sure if God was real or just something people wanted to be real.  Ever since that time I have learned to recognize His voice.  It is a “still small voice” as the ancients said.  Its Him, I know.  He answers my questions with ideas I would never think of, things that are bigger than me, better than me and they have that ring that is His signature: they speak of love.



One Response to “Miracles Part 7”

  1. Longing for Holiday Says:

    Glad I recently sought a lot of prayer. I could use some coincidences just about now.

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