Miracles Part 6

My sixth miracle was a small one, but it meant a lot to me.  I was working for a small non-profit.  We had a food pantry, a clothes closet, a free clinic, and we provided a hot meal at noon.  We operated with little money, mostly volunteer labor and donations of goods.  One day the director was gone, and the cook came to tell me there was nothing but bread and peanut butter in the kitchen.  We decided to pray together about it.  We offered our bread and peanut butter the way the child in the bible offered his loaves and fishes to Jesus.  We asked God to make it be that everyone who came to us would leave satisfied.  Almost immediately there was a knock at the door and several people were standing outside with pans of lasagne.  The lasagne was left over after a church supper the night before and someone had suggested then, that our lunch program could use it.  Our prayer was answered.  Everyone went away satisfied that day, after our hot lasagne lunch.  What was so interesting though, is how our prayer was already answered by someone’s idea the night before.  God already knew our need before we asked, and had already provided an answer to our prayer even before we prayed!



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