Miracles Part 5

My fifth miracle happened during the adoption of our child.  Her adoption itself was quite an answer to prayer, but it was going to end up costing us $5500.  This was $4000 more than we’d saved and would surely mean no trip home to see our families this year.  My husband thought we might get a $4000 personal loan from our bank to pay for the rest of the adoption expenses, but he wasn’t sure.  “Lord,” I prayed, ‘please let them approve the loan, and please, if possible, help us save enough to see our families this year, too.”  A couple days later the doorbell rang.  The postman was waiting with a registered letter.  It was from my uncle.  He had found three US Savings bonds which my grandfather bought the year I was born.  They were supposed to help with my college education.  I was now about 15 years past graduation.  My uncle’s letter was most apologetic, and he suggested I take the bonds to a bank to see what would be their current value.  The bank told me they were worth $5500–the total cost of the adoption!  This, incidently, left us with our original $1500, enough for the trip home to see our families!!



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