Miracles Part 3

My third miracle happened when I was a young mother.  My husband was at work one Sunday and I decided to take my two year old boy and six month old baby to church by myself.  After church I let my son play in the church playground until almost everyone had left and gone home.  When I told my son it was time for us to go home, he behaved like a two year old and ran the other way.  He ran up the outside stairs to the church’s second story choir loft, slipped through the railing and was on the roof of the building’s ground floor level.  I reached over the railing and grabbed his shirt, but couldn’t lift him back over because I was holding the baby in my other arm.  I couldn’t get him back through the railing without his cooperation, and he was pulling away.  If I lost my grip, he would be off the roof, falling 12-14 feet to the ground.  No one was around to help and I just breathed a desperate “help” to God.  Behind me the door to the choir loft opened and a man stepped out, whom I’d never seen before.  He picked up my son, and carried him to the car for me.  He explained to my son how important it was to obey parents because they protect you from harm.  I wanted to thank the man again next time I saw him, but I never saw him again.



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