Who is Your Isaac?

Abraham was known as a friend of God, yet God is a demanding friend.  He wants nothing to stand in the way of our total relationship with Him.  He is to have absolute first place in our lives and never in our ongoing conversation with Him, are we to be preoccupied with anything else.  In Abraham’s case it apparently had become his son Isaac.   God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.  Now there is evidence in Scripture that Abraham knew God would somehow save Isaac.  God had, after all, promised Abraham descendants through Isaac, and Abraham believed God.  What Abraham did not know was how absolutely trustworthy was God, and whether God was worth risking what He loved so much.  The question for each of us is, who represents Isaac in our lives.  Maybe it isn’t a who, maybe its a what.  With whom or what have we become so preoccupied that we aren’t hearing God’s voice in some area of our lives?  It may be a friendship or other relationship that has developed an unhealthy hold on us.  It may be a possession which is taking too much time or attention or costing too much to keep.  It may be wealth which is giving us our sense of security instead of our finding our security in God.  Maybe that is why the rich young man in Jesus’ life couldn’t give up his possessions to follow Jesus.  Our Isaac could even be an emotional crutch.  Maybe its an excuse we always use to avoid what we don’t want to do.  Maybe its a cherished bitterness that makes us feel righteous.  Maybe its a prejudice that makes us feel superior.  Lord, please help us identify the Isaac in our lives and sacrifice it once and for all into your keeping.  You are our security.  You are our righteousness.  You are our identity.  You are our motivation.  You are our life.


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3 Responses to “Who is Your Isaac?”

  1. Pete Wilson Says:

    Great reminder and post. Keep up the great work.

  2. scaryreasoner Says:

    Wow, you are willing to look the other way as your God demands child sacrifice.,

    This is what is wrong with religion. You should look at that story and say, “fuck that! That’s insane!”

    Andrea Yates failed to say, “fuck that! That’s insane!”

    Are you like Andrea Yates, and like Isaac, or are you sane?

    To excuse this act of Isaac’s is to be as insane as Andrea Yates.

    I am hoping you do not, and do not ever, have children.

  3. michellespagefornonni Says:

    Abraham did know God would spare his son. He believed the promises God had made to him about his son. He also believed God would provide a sacrifice other than his son. The issue was did he really trust God? And did God have first place in his life. God has never allowed child sacrifice. He condemned the child sacrifice to the god Molech, and that is repeated over and over. Thats the harm of taking part of the bible out of context and using it to scorn the whole thing. Be careful.

    Yes, I have children, and they are deeply loved. No, God has never and will never ask you or me or anyone else to sacrifice their child. However, no one else ever had the promises made about their child’s future that Abraham had. Also, you and I and everyone else will be asked if God has had first place in our lives. That will never involve doing something God has condemned, but may involve stretching our faith to its limit.

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