Miracles Part 1

Some say the age of miracles has passed, but I don’t think so.  I saw my first miracle when I was 11 or 12.  My family was very poor, and our roof was very old.  We were using nearly every container in the house to catch the leaks during one of the slow moving frontal storms with day after day of rain.  Daddy went through the kitchen in the dark one night, and kicked over yet another new, leak catching bucket.  He called the family together and announced we would pray for a new roof.  He reminded God that he usually only asked for spiritual blessings, but wanted to make an exception this time because our situation was getting serious.  That week he got a free estimate and learned a new roof would cost the equivalent of two months income for our family. 


A couple of days later, a letter came to my mother from an elderly, maiden aunt.  She told Mama “you are in my will, but something prompted me to wonder if you might not need help now.”  Enclosed was a check for the amount of the roof estimate.  The check had been written before the roof estimate!


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