Marie’s Adoption Story

My daughter-in-law Marie has written the story of my youngest granddaughter’s adoption.  She tells it better than I ever could, and so I’ll just post it as she wrote it.

I guess most everyone has a dream or two in their lifetime about which they feel really passionate.  In our 20s and 30s we had a dream of a big family, and wanted to include adoption in our plans.  However after 3 children, any further attempts at enlarging our family were going nowhere.  After 5 years of trying to adopt a child, including numerous applications, two home studies and a couple of disappointments, my husband was convinced this just wasn’t God’s plan for us. 


I talked to a very good Christian friend about whether there is a time to accept a “no” answer from God and move on.  She asked me if I had ever placed my dream on the altar and told God “I want what you want more than what I want.”  It was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do at that point in my life, but I did it.  At the same time I asked God to help me not to change my mind or look back, just look ahead to whatever it was that He wanted. 


A couple of days later my husband and I were having a leisurely Saturday morning coffee break when our 8 year old daughter came in saying “You two have each other and my brothers have each other, but where is the sister I always wanted?”  After she went out to find a friend, my husband said “Maybe we should try again to adopt.  Maybe it will be different this time.”  I was shocked, because such a short while ago he had seemed to believe this wasn’t meant to be.  Two days after that, an article appeared in our newspaper telling about foreign adoption.  We attended the meeting, and began a third home study.  Months later, when it was completed, we got the unbelievable news that this adoption agency’s foreign contact had been blacklisted by our government for unethical practices.  Our agency’s supply of children had suddenly come to an end.  I just couldn’t believe it.  I really thought God had wanted us to try again to adopt—what about our daughter’s request, my husband’s sudden change of opinion, the newspaper article, the hope held out by the agency.  “Lord, what are you doing?” I asked.  Several weeks later we got another phone call from our adoption agency.  A brand new adoption agency had contacted them.  It seems the new agency had located a number of adoptable children, and didn’t yet have approved homes for them.  Our agency had approved homes and no babies.  And so it was, they got together and we got our beautiful nine-month old daughter.


Again, there was another surprise.  We’d saved $1500 for the adoption—the amount we needed to adopt from the first source.  However, this adoption would cost $5500!  We didn’t have it, but my husband thought we could possibly get a $4000 personal loan from our credit union since we had paid off our car.  We also had hoped to save about $1500 for the family to go home and see our parents, but that would have to wait.  I prayed about the situation for days…”please Lord, let them approve the loan.”  One day the doorbell rang and the mailman had a registered letter for me.  I opened it and three U.S. savings bonds fell out.  With it was a letter from my uncle.  He told of finding a box of my grandfather’s things.  Grandpa had bought the savings bonds when I was born to help me pay for college.  I was long past that now, and my uncle was very apologetic over how I hadn’t had that money when I was paying tuition.  I took the savings bonds to the bank and their value was—you guessed it—$5500—the total cost of the adoption.  That meant we had the original $1500 left to go home and see our parents.


Later as I was holding my sweet girl, thanking God for all his amazing blessings, I felt an urge to go look at the calendar.  I had marked that day I laid my dream on the altar.  It was the day my little girl was born!


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  1. Stella Says:

    Please see the link >

    Many thanks.

  2. manyblessings Says:

    What a great story!

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