Crossing the Jordan

I’m sure every person who ever went to Sunday School as a child remembers the story of Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea.  Moses held up his rod and the waters separated for the people to cross.  A lesser known story happened 40 years later.  Moses had died and Joshua was leader of the people.  They were to cross the Jordan river and take possession of the land God was giving them.  They were to follow their priests who were carrying the Ark of the Covenant and go on across the river.  Joshua promised them when they got out into the water, it would hold back for them, and they could cross.  The Jordan river was at flood stage, and we can imagine it was traveling very swiftly, and I’m sure not a few of the priests and people wondered how far they should go.  Should they stop when it got deep, and would they feel stupid just standing there?  Should they just keep going anyway and what if they got swept away?  But the priests waded out into the water, and as soon as they did, the water held back, and the people could cross.

We may find ourselves in a similar situation when God calls us to do something.  God will make his will known.  He may call us through desires, dreams, scriptures, statements of Godly people and any number of ways, but we are sure He is calling us to do this thing.  However, there are also some obstacles and we are afraid.  We begin to ask ourselves how far we should go, how much risk should we take, will we stop and look stupid.  We need to get going.  Where God calls, He will provide.  When we get moving, the details and confirmations will follow.  If we always have our “ducks in a row” before we move out, we will never learn to trust His Providence, and He wants His children to trust Him.  If we are always concerned for God’s glory and not our own reputations, God will never let us be embarrassed.


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