Precious Babies

Someone asked me what you would say to a mom who has just found out from an ultrasound that her baby may have Downs or Dwarfism.

Sometimes I wish we didn’t have all this technology.  It seems to make it harder by adding worry and subtracting from the joy she should be feeling right now.  She is going to love that baby when she gets it in her arms and will love it more and more each day when she gets it home.  Does she know if its a boy or girl?  Has she a name for it?  I have known students with dwarfism, and have taught some quite fabulous Downs children.  Tell her to please concentrate on everything that is good.  This child will have a good life.  She will also have a good life as a mom.  Take each day as it comes, each year as it comes, and enjoy!  I always said the secret of happiness is to make a big deal out of the good stuff and a little deal out of the bad stuff.  Think of the child first, and then take care of yourself by enjoying all the good stuff to the fullest.  Most of your life with your child will be good stuff.  Anyone who has had “normal” children who get into destructive behaviors knows there’s heartbreak there, so there’s no promises, ever, in parenting.  Remember these kids are a gift, and we get lots of help from the Giver, who knows them better than we do, and who also knows us parents better than we do too.


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