What is the Unpardonable Sin?

I would say that its unpardonable to commit blasphemy.  I believe blasphemy is pushing away the truth God has shown you because you do not want Him.  Satan didn’t have to have faith.  He was in the presence of God, yet refused to recognize his dependence on God or all He owed God.  He set himself up in rebellion, wanting to be like God. Eve ate the fruit offered by Satan because she wanted to “be like God”, however her sin wasn’t blasphemy because the bible clearly says she was deceived.  In the same way, I would hesitate to call suicide the unpardonable sin, because so often people who are suicidal are in so much pain they aren’t thinking clearly at all.  Blasphemy is an “eyes wide open” kind of sin.  Its going nose to nose with God and saying “I will not serve You”.  There is no confusion, lack of faith or pain involved.  Its just outright defiance, ultimately self serving and ultimate sinful pride.


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