Should a Christian be Baptized?

A Christian asked me if it was necessary to be baptized in order to have forgiveness from God.  I answered in this way:

The Christian faith is in Christ alone.  Jesus forgives our sins, and our purpose is to have a relationship with Him which involves living the kind of life He has already shown us by example–a life of love, service and relationship with God.  The forgiveness is continual–as we realize we have done wrong, we ask forgiveness and receive it.  I liken Baptism to a wedding ceremony.  The relationship already exists, and can be quite deep, but the ceremony is both meaningful and memorable.  It cements the commitment publicly and gives it a date in time.  It makes the relationship legally binding in a covenant. That way during times of trouble and temptation, when doubts creep in, we don’t have to wonder if we really have a relationship with Him, it was made a covenant when we were baptized.  We can point to our baptism and tell the doubts to leave because we are bonded to our Savior by the covenant of Baptism.  Even Jesus was baptized–a thought I find fascinating.  He also felt the need to make his oneness with God public by Baptism.


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