Personality disorders

Someone talked to me the other day about a neighbor who complains about little things, swears at them, threatens them and is even rude to their visitors.  They can’t really put a finger on what they have done to provoke the behavior, but they are about to explode.  If you have had a similar experience with someone, it probably helps to remember that this isn’t about you.    This individual may have a personality disorder.  These are people who have a common set of behaviors involving hostility, blaming, playing the victim, making accusations, exaggerating the truth, vindictiveness, etc which can really escalate and get very crazy. You really don’t want to be involved with them at all.  People with these disorders may cause you all kinds of damage, run a distortion campaign against you, cause you legal problems etc.  Any confrontation you have will give them the justification (in their mind) to go all out against you.  Ignore them at all costs, and if that doesn’t work, you may want to consider moving away from the situation.  I’m reminded of the game kids play.  They will do all sorts of provocative things to another child–take their toys, poke them, hit them, make rude remarks, etc.  When the victim finally responds, all the stops come out.  The little provocateur screams bloody murder, accuses the victim of harrassing THEM, feigns injury, tells lies, and feels entirely justified because their victim responded to their initial provocations.  If they can create a big enough scene to get their victim in some sort of trouble with the pertinent authorities, so much the better.  People with a personality disorder play this same kind of game on a grander scale.  You can’t win as they are so good at what they do– you are better off leaving the situation.  (By the way, this game is also played for custody and money in divorce courts from coast to coast.)

One thing you can do is what Jesus taught.  “Pray for your enemies”.  God is still in the miracle business, and when He heals this load of anger, its a miracle indeed.


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