What We Never Tell

My neighbor had asked me to watch her son’s goldfish for a few days while they went on holiday.  Sad.y, I found it the next day, floating on top of the water in its bowl.  I’m sure everyone who saw me in Woolworth’s the next day thought I was crazy.  I stood before the tank of fish with a dead fish in a baggie trying to find an exact match.  I did, and the little boy who trusted me never knew his beloved “Finley” had been replaced.  Because of embarrassment, I didn’t tell his mother either.  “You’re a miracle worker” she said.  “I cleaned his bowl before I brought him to you, and I dropped him on the floor.  I couldn’t catch him right away, and I was sure between the fall, the rug burn and being out of water, he might not survive.  “You never told me.”  I said.  ” I was too embarrassed” she said.  I said nothing, and for some time afterward people brought me their sickly fish, but I could never revive any.



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