Nothing is impossible

There is  no such thing as a hopeless case–I think Mother Teresa said this.

There is no such thing as an impossible situation, an incurable disorder, a person who will never change, a sin that can’t be forgiven, a quarrel that cannot be mended.

Having said that, there are things I find hopeless, impossible and incurable after I have tried everything I can and have failed.

Thats when I have to let go and give it to God.  I can’t dump it in his lap in anger, toss it away as hopeless, but I am to leave it with the attitude of a child who says “Daddy, will you fix this.  I tried and I can’t.

In faith then, we let go, let God take his own perfect time and act in his own wise and loving way, and we hope, because “With God all things are possible”.


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