Why I Believe in God part 4

Some years ago, I was working for an inner city nonprofit.  We had a free clinic, which I managed, as well as social services, a food bank, a clothes closet, and most importantly, we had a hot lunch at noon.  As most people working in the nonprofit sector know, our resources vary depending on the generosity of the people who support us.  One day, when the director of the agency was away speaking to a civic group, the cook came to tell me there was nothing in the cupboard but a couple loaves of bread and some peanut butter.  She asked me what she should do since we usually fed 50-80 people each day.  There would not only be no hot meal, but we didn’t even have enough for peanut butter sandwiches for everyone.  The cook and I decided to pray right on the spot.  We reminded the Lord about his miracle of the loaves and fishes, and asked that however He chose to act, that He would make sure the people who came to us would go away satisfied.  Before we could even open a peanut butter jar, there was a knock on the door, and a group of people stood outside.  They had pans and pans of lasagne left over from a church supper the night before, and wanted to know if we could use it.  Could we use it!!!!  We shared with them their part in the answered prayer, and we all had our faith built that day!  No, we didn’t usually get gifts like that, and I just can’t believe it was merely a coincidence.  I believe God heard and answered our prayer, knowing our need even before we asked.



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One Response to “Why I Believe in God part 4”

  1. anonymous Says:

    It sounds like a Divine Appointment to me! god bless you.

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