Why I Believe in God part 3

Twenty five years ago, I was at a standstill.  We had a five year history of trying to adopt a child.  Twice, a child had actually been assigned to us, and then the adoption fell through.  We had all but given up, and I was wondering when to accept that the answer to our prayers was “no”.  I was walking with a friend one day, and I asked her opinion.  “Have you ever told God you want what He wants more than what you want?” she asked.  I went home with a heavy heart.  Eventually, after what seemed like hours in prayer, I said it.  I said “God, I want what you want more than what I want.”  Then I asked for strength for the times I would want my own way again.  And I asked God to show me what He wanted.

The next week, out of the blue, my husband asked me if I wanted to research adoption again to see if anything had changed.  I was amazed, because he had been most adamant that he wasn’t going to try again.  A couple days later the morning paper had an article about international adoption with information about a meeting for prospective adoptive parents.  We went to the meeting and subsequently began the homestudy process–for the third time!  After several months the social worker called us to say their contact in the country they were working with had been blacklisted by the State Department for illegal babytrafficking, and now their source of babies was gone.  She didn’t know what to tell us except to pray.  I couldn’t believe it–a third disappointment!  I asked God over and over what He was doing–then I remembered to ask Him for what He wanted even if I couldn’t understand it.  

Several weeks later, the social worker called to tell us about a new adoption agency in a different country.  They had babies and no approved parents–our agency had approved parents and no babies.  Would we like to work with this new agency?  We said yes immediately, and were soon shown the picture of a darling baby girl.  We signed all the papers and waited.

Our baby arrived and she was everything we had hoped.  The bill arrived also, and it was three times the amount we had saved.  We had recently paid off our car, and my husband was hopeful that what we saved for the adoption, what we saved for a trip home to see our families, and what he could borrow on a personal loan from our credit union would all together be enough to pay the adoption expenses.  I prayed that the loan would be enough to cover what was still needed, and I prayed about how to tell my parents that we wouldn’t be coming home this year (when I knew they wanted to see their new granddaughter).

A couple days later the doorbell rang.  The postman had a registered letter for me.  I had never received a registered letter before.  Inside were three US savings bonds with a letter from my uncle.  He said he had found these.  It seems my grandfather had bought them the year I was born to help with my college education.  My uncle apologized profusely that I didn’t have them when I was in college and really needed them.  I took them to the credit union, and with all the additional years of accrued interest, they were exactly the amount of our TOTAL adoption cost!  We got to go on our trip home, never took out a loan, and even had a little savings to spare!

I was praying and thanking God for this surprise, when I felt the urge to go look at the previous year’s calendar.  The day I prayed to “want what You want more than what I want” was circled in red.  It was the day our daughter was born!



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