Reasons I believe in God part 1

I have given a lot of intellectual reasons to believe in God, but I have some experiential reasons to believe.  Answered prayer, specifically, dramatically answered prayer is something not easily written off-particularly when it occurs more than once in a lifetime.  I will write a series about my life, recounting some of the answers to prayer, partly as a way of thanking God for His goodness to me and my family, and partly as a way to build your faith.  God is real, and He is involved in the lives of people who are reaching out to Him.

When I was young, possibly 10 or 11 years old, our family was very poor.  My father had become disabled and unable to work, and my mother could not earn enough at her clerical job to support a family of 5 people.  Things were gradually falling apart around our house.  Our roof was leaking, and during the April rains, we were running out of containers to hold the drips.  One night as my father was walking in the darkened kitchen, he kicked over a bucket of rainwater–one he didn’t know was there.  This was another new leak!  He gathered our family in the living room and told us we were going to pray about our situation.  This was new.  Although our family gathered for nightly prayers, it was unusual to ask God for mundane things.  Dad prayed something like this: “God you know I have always believed we should only ask you for spiritual things, or really serious things.  I know a new roof isn’t all that important a request, but it is becoming very uncomfortable for us to live with all these leaks, and it may permanently damage our house.  If you would please understand our need, would you help us?”  In the next couple of days, he got an estimate on a new roof.  It would cost $800.  That was over two months salary for Mom, and it might as well have been two years salary.  It was an impossible obstacle.  A couple of days after the estimate, Mom got a letter from a maiden aunt.  It said something like this:”  My dear, you know you are in my will, but I don’t intend to die for a long time yet, and it occurred to me you could use some help now.  Please use this for your family as you see fit.”  Enclosed was a check for $800!


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