What Ultimately Happens When Marriage Dies

Separating parenthood from the protection of traditional marriage has repercussions.  Sweden was the groundbreaker for many forms of non-traditional marriage.  Today in Sweden the marriage rate is only one third of what it was in the 1940’s.  Sixty percent of all first children are born to non-married couples.  Since these couples break up at two or three tiems the rate of married couples, this makes the children of these relationships a very high risk for the fluidity that causes problems. 

Sweden is a socialist state with many government incentives to have children.  Mothers are able to take paid leave of absence of 12 months when they have a baby.  They can return to their jobs at 3/4 time for the next 7 years!  The government makes up the difference.  Dads can take a 3 month leave of absence at full pay.  Still, despite all the incentives, the Swedish birthrate is only 1.75 per woman.  It needs to be 2.1 at least to maintain population replacement.  Lacking a cultural value placed on family making, the government can’t even pay people to have enough children.  Where the values in a culture are placed on individual fulfillment and where marriage and parenthood are separated, the rates of both marriage and parenthood fall.

America stands about 20 years behind Sweden, and is definitely on the same downward path.  The marriage rate here is also falling and the out of wedlock pregnancy is rising.  The overall birthrate is falling here, as well.  Gay marriage is beginning to be accepted, further eroding the link between marriage and parenting.  The society is aging with the “birth dearth”, making us an older, less energetic, less growth-producing society.  The most productive age group is becoming a smaller portion of the whole, and definitely smaller in relationship to the older “entitlement” group of adults.  The economy will slow and contract as taxes to support the entittled take away from revenue that would support growth.  The nation will become less wealthy than it is today.


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