Gay Marriage Can’t Solve the Baby Bust

Its a no brainer.  Homosexual unions can NOT produce children.  The only way they can nurture children involves an artificiality of some sort.  Gay men must either adopt or use a surrogate.  Using a surrogate involves, well, using a woman.  Forever after, a child must live with the “why did she give me up?” question that haunts adopted children.  At least adopted children can comfort themselves with the reasoning that in her circumstances she had no choice and did the best she could for her child.  The child of a surrogate has no such comfort.  It was a monetary transaction and the child was essentially sold.  There are enough relinquished children who are suffering such mental anguish to ever justify doing this through a calculated plan.

What about gay men adopting?  Anyone who has studied adoption knows these children have attachment and identity issues.  To raise them without a mother adds yet more trouble to their lives.  To have no mother is the worst kind of loss, and two dads can’t equal a mother.  Adoption was created to fill a need in a child’s life, not to meet a need for the adults who want children.

Similarly, a lesbian couple can only adopt or else have a child by artificial insemination.  In either case, one or both mothers is an adoptive mother.  In addition to the traumas of being adopted, these children grow up without the hope of a father in their lives, and without the knowledge of who their father is (in the case of artificial insemination).

To the radical feminists who believe men are optional, just look at the problems in other communities where families lack men.  In those places, two women raise the children: mom and grandma.  Mom and grandma have a closer bond, a longer history and a more stable relationship than two lesbians do, yet they can’t manage the kids who have no dads: the rebellion, violence, gang activity and promiscuity.  For a look at kids without dads, just visit the poorer parts of the city.

In addition to all of the above, opposite sex children of either gay or lesbian partners face rejection from their parent’s community around the time of puberty.  Daughters of gay men don’t know how to fit into straight society, or even Lesbian society, for that matter, yet no longer have a place in their Dad’s community after they cease being little girls.  Similarly, sons of Lesbian partners face the situation in reverse with their mom’s community.  Artificially created families and radically insular societies create identity and socialization problems for children.



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