Why I Trust the Bible

I never had any real difficulties accepting the part of the bible called the New Testament.  These books were written pretty close to the time of Christ by people who knew him well, associated closely with his followers, and had nothing to gain (and everything to lose) for what they wrote.  The historical records have been pretty thoroughly researched and we have more evidence for the New Testament accounts than we have for a lot of other history we have no trouble accepting.  Its really all about what you make of those accounts.  I personally believe what the accounts said.  


The Old Testament was another issue for me.  There were so many books, so many authors, so much antiquity.  How could I know whether to accept them as accurately preserved, and whether they were really from God?  Then, as I read the New Testament accounts of Jesus, I noticed something.  He referred to nearly every book in the Old Testament, and spoke of them as though they were real history and really from God.  He actually said the Old Testament prophets spoke of him, and as I re-read the Old Testament I could see a lot of prophecy about things that would happen to Jesus—things he had no control over.  I realized it was all part of the whole.  Jesus validated it, fulfilled prophecy proved it, and I believed I could trust it as being God’s message.



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