Secondary Gains of Belief

Last post I wrote about secondary gains being a way that “mental illness” can confer a hidden benefit in a person’s life. I’m wondering if there aren’t secondary gains from a person’s belief system that also confer some hidden benefits.


If a person is a believer in God, the secondary gains are things like the hope that life is eternal, the hope of seeing deceased loved ones in that eternal state, hope that life has meaning and purpose, hope that God has a plan and a purpose for things that happen, hope that God answers prayer, and hope that He has our best interests at heart.


If a person is a skeptic or agnostic, the secondary gains are things like a feeling of ones self being in control, a belief that science will find answers to human problems, the ability to make one’s own moral and ethical judgments, a feeling of freedom from any external controls of a moral nature, and the feeling of making one’s own meaning of one’s own life.


If one has a reasonable case for being a believer in God, I think I would prefer that alternative.  I realize it might mean I owe Him something for creating me, but I would gladly exchange the freedom to do as I choose, for the meaning and purpose He created for me and the hope of a life spent with Him forever.



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