Why Be a Christian?


Christians are hard pressed to come up with selfish motives for being followers of Christ.  We serve a God who is not a genie.  He doesn’t serve us; we serve Him.  We trust Him with our lives, but as He says, our thoughts are not His thoughts and our ways are not His ways. What He calls good is not always what we would choose for ourselves.   He is the God who says we are to leave everything and follow Him, carrying our cross—the instrument of death.  We are to die to ourselves and live for Him.  We are subject to Him.  In short, He is not the kind of God we would invent for ourselves, if that were what we were actually doing.


We trust Christ’s promises for the next life—but that trust certainly involves risk, as the future is unknown to our senses.  We surely have to examine the evidence and believe Jesus is truly God, based on that evidence, for we are risking everything.  Ironically, those who have chosen to truly follow Jesus (not all who call themselves Christians have a personal knowledge of or commitment to Jesus) are the happiest people on earth.  The other irony is:  we don’t choose Him as much as He chooses us.  We can’t draw near Him without His drawing near to us.  Our faith is confirmed—sometimes nearly immediately, by the subsequent experience of His presence in our lives.


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