The Way to Heaven

Nonni wrote this last year.

“I had an interesting experience the other day when I attended a military retirement.  Even though I had a pass to get onto the installation, when I got to the building which was “secure”, I had to have an escort to bring me into the room where the ceremony was to be held.  The escort had to be responsible for my being “clean”, meaning it was safe for me to be there–safe for THEM!  Now I am a very harmless looking elderly lady, no matter–all are treated the same.  We have to be made clean (stuff left behind, etc).  I thought of how this is an illustration of what Jesus said about being the “way to heaven”.  “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except by me”.  We can’t just walk into heaven either, because none of us is “clean”.  Heaven is a secure place–no evil allowed there–not even imperfection.  Jesus has to make me clean, then escort me in.  And He promises to do that if I agree to go in with him.


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