Letter to a Young Agnostic

I remember as a middle school student, one of my friends said he didn’t know if he could believe in God, and he couldn’t understand the concept of a God having no beginning.  He had listened to the theory of evolution as a good reason for being an atheist.  He had many questions.  I remember talking to Nonni about him, and how she took many hours composing a letter for him.  It was remarkable to me that she would stay up so late at night working on it, because she was still working full time then.  Well, she had kept a copy of that letter, and I found it in the trunk this weekend.  I’m copying it here:

My dear friend, You are saying you don’t think you believe in God, and yet somehow I feel you are asking for reasons to believe in Him.  People have struggled with their conceptions of God throughout the ages, and its quite understandable.  God, if He is to be God, is so much greater than we are, our minds are too small to understand Him.  We know God can’t have a beginning, or He wouldn’t be God.  After all, if He had a beginning, Who or Whatever started Him would be the real God.  So we know God can’t have a beginning, yet we can’t truly understand it.  And that’s not so surprising, considering we know a lot about physics, viruses, Einstein’s theory of relativity and many other things, and yet they aren’t something we fully understand.  If we could truly understand God, he would be no greater than we are, and then not really God. Look around at this world, as people have done forever, and ask yourself if this could have just happened by chance.  I know a lot of people try to explain the earth away by saying everything “evolved”, but they can’t tell you fully how it happened, nor explain the mathematical impossibility that it could have happened by chance.  Did you know that the simplest one celled organism requires 3000 chemical reactions going on constantly in order to keep it alive?  If it is to reproduce, it requires thousands more.  What do you think are the chances that all of these reactions would have happened by chance, in exactly the right order, and many happen simultaneously?  No, chance is not the answer.  God is.  Now can God exist alongside evolution?  Why certainly He could have made the world using evolution if he wanted, or instantaneously created everything ready made.  He could have taken us through billions of years of evolution in 7 days if He wanted to, and left all the evidences along the way, sort of like super fast forwarding a video.  God can do anything.  If He couldn’t, he really wouldn’t be God, for something He couldn’t control would be greater than He is. But He is over it all, and controls it all. Now, God created us human beings, and lots of us don’t know Him.  He loves us though, and wants us to know Him.  Have you ever seen stories of parents who are reunited with lost children?  They did everything they could to find their lost children.  In fact, wanting to be reunited dominated their lives.  God feels that way about you, and wants you to know it.  So God wanted to tell people about Himself.  Well, the first thing God did was to send other humans to tell the world about Him.  They were called prophets.  God actually appeared to these prophets, often in the form of an angel, or of fire, but he SPOKE to them, just like your parents speak to you.  Now it took a lot out of a prophet to speak for God that way, and so God only chose a few for this job, and He spent a lot of time preparing them for the job of telling others about Him.  Well, on the whole, people didn’t listen to the prophets and often treated them like they were crazy.  Can you imagine going around telling everybody you had a vision of God?  Even if you could work some miracles, people would find a way to write you off as some kind of a crazy person.  But God still wanted people to know Him.  The only way left was to come Himself.  He came as a person named Jesus.  You will want to read the stories of Jesus.  They tell you much about what God is really like, what He thinks, what He wants, and much about what He plans.  Look at the stories of what Jesus did.  Ask yourself if anybody ever did such things in all of history.  Look at the accounts about Jesus rising from the dead.  No one else has done this.  Then remember the men who wrote these accounts faced death constantly because they were followers of Jesus, someone who, after all, was killed by the government for being an enemy of the state, and prosecuted by the religious leaders for being an enemy of religion.  These writers were convinced that what they wrote about Jesus was true, and they literally staked their lives on it.  (All but one of the apostles were killed for their beliefs).  So now, my friend, you need to read the stories of Jesus and come to know and trust God.  After all, one day you will die, as we all will.  You will see God face to face.  Will you see the face of a friend you have always known but never seen, or will you see the face of someone so awesome it scares you, and you turn your back and run away.  It all depends on what you do right now, in this life.  I will be praying for you. 

Your friend, a follower of Jesus

Letter by Nonni, submitted by Michelle


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