A Prayer for a Dog

When Nonni lost her little Tessie a couple of years ago, she wrote a prayer for the dog.  Not too bad a way to deal with grief, I think.

 “Lord, I know You loved all creation, even the animals.  It says so in the book of Job, and Jesus, you said the father feeds the sparrows and knows even when one falls out of its nest.  You made Tessie, knowing all along she would be my dog, and You loved her, as You love a single sparrow.  You have also promised that You have redeemed all creation and that the creation longs for the day when it will be freed from suffering and see the new Earth.  Lord, I know this isn’t a specific promise about Tessie, but she’s a part of the creation You have redeemed and loved.  So, Lord, I’ll trust you with Tessie’s fate, not because you’ve given us the complete answer about our pets, but because the more I’ve learned about Your character, the more I trust You.

I loved that dog too, and miss her still.


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