The Price He Paid

Good Friday reminds me to be so very, very thankful to Jesus for the “inexpressible gift”.  When mankind sinned, mankind lost heaven, and that is truly the real death.  To be forever without God and without good, is unthinkably horrible.  Jesus called it “the outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  He also called it “gehenna” which was the city dump, a place full of fire, worms, filth, decay, stench and horror. 

There’s only two places to go and nowhere in between.  God’s heaven, where God dwells, the place we were made for, or the other place, where God is not.  Most people think God will overlook a lot of sin, He will “grade on the curve” and most people will get into heaven regardless of their imperfections.  But wait, Heaven is a perfect place.  It has to be.  God is perfect and so is His home.  If He let me in as I am, it would no longer be perfect.  Heaven would soon be like this earth with people doing self-serving things and hurting each other.  Humans would have to be cleaned and changed forever if they were to enter Heaven, but there would be a price. 

This is where I get beyond my capabilities of understanding, having only a human mind, but what I can understand is this: God’s creation has been trashed, we have even trashed ourselves and someone has to pay the price.  As it was when the levees burst and New Orleans was flooded, someone has to pay a price for restoration.

I picture it this way:  the councils of Heaven convened.  Jehovah Eloihim was there in all three of His manifestations: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The angels of Heaven were there, and the third of the angels who rebelled were there with their leader Satan.  Humans couldn’t pay the price of their restoration, it was too great a price. The angels couldn’t pay it, as justice would not be served in that way.  Satan and his demons were holding the humans in bondage, they had won them fair and square when the humans rebelled and came to their side.  And on the great screens of Heaven played the scenes of the passion of the Christ.  Only God could pay the price, for justice demanded mankind should pay it.  It appeared the solution would be that one of the persons of the Godhead should become  fully a man , while remaining fully God.  In that dual state, He should experience “the wages of sin which is death”, while also enduring the worst Satan could throw at Him.

As the scenes of the passion became more and more cruel and terrible, Satan laughed with glee.  “You’d never do this, you’d never love mankind that much.”  And the second person of the Godhead stepped forward and said “I do love them that much.  My name will be Jesus.  I love them so much I will die to win them back”  That was the price of restoration, the satisfaction of justice, the wage for sin.  Satan never thought Jesus would go through with it, but He did.  What He did was accepted by God, as shown when the veil of the temple was torn–the veil that had always separated the people from God’s Presence.  It was torn from the top down, not by human hands.  And then He was vindicated for all eternity when He rose from the dead on Easter.  Our part is to accept the gift with thanksgiving, and spend our lives returning the love shown to us.



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One Response to “The Price He Paid”

  1. lbolm Says:

    Have a great Resurrection Weekend.

    Here is my latest post on “A Sinner Saved By Grace”

    Love in Christ Jesus

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