Nonni’s Rules for Shopping Discount and Dollar Stores

1.  Never assume soft candy will be soft.  You might break a tooth.

2.  Any fragrance candle will do–the fragrance is gone anyway.

3.  Perfumes and fragrance sprays didn’t sell in the original store for a reason.

4.  Never buy cereal if the coupons on the box have expired.

5.  Flower seeds are too old to sprout, but you might put them in your bird feeder.

6.  If home decorating books on sale look a bit strange, check the publishing date.  They might be from your mother’s generation.

7.  The above rule also applies to craft books and cookbooks.  A clue is that the brand name ingredients are no longer manufactured.

8.  If you have trouble finding underwear and nighties big enough for you, you might have a medical problem.

9.  Don’t expect the gum to be soft either.

10.  Beware of toothpaste made in China–its probably perfectly safe, but tastes like nothing you ever remember.

 11.  Rule #10 applies to tea.

12.  Rule #10 applies to juice drinks as well.

13.  Discount stores exist in every nation, and well, just watch yourself!



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