One Month to Live part 2

I started a post some time ago on the “one month to live” movement.  I have given it some more thought.  Its a very heavy subject.  Imagining myself with only 4 or 5 more weeks on this earth, helps me put into perspective what is really top priority.  One thing I now know to be low priority is “stuff”.  I recently talked with a friend who has moved into a retirement apartment.  She and her husband (now deceased) had already downsized twice, and each time it was painful to try to give away their “stuff”.  Things that seemed valuable to them weren’t wanted by most of their loved ones.  They had to twice watch their “stuff” picked up and dumped unceremoniously into a Salvation Army van.  This move was the hardest for her.  For her most recent apartment, she had saved only her most favorite possessions, the ones she considered most valuable, most beautiful, or special family heirlooms.  Now she was, as a widow, having to downsize again.  She really wanted to keep what was left “in the family” …and the family wanted very little of it.  While sad, this really changed my perspective on “stuff”.   I’ll keep something as long as I need, love or enjoy it, but not for my heirs, unless they have specified they want it.   Then I’ll learn to enjoy things in the “here and now”, and let go when I must.  There will only be a few things from this life in eternity.  Just God and relationships with people.  Heaven will be too full of new things to even think of what is left behind.  “Stuff” will be as missed as baby things are missed by a teen.  As Paul said “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the mind of man what God has prepared for those who love Him.”



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