McDonalds is Everywhere

Sometimes its fun to go back and look at scrapbooks from memorable trips and re-live them.  I have usually tried to keep a journal of the really special trips to go with the pictures, and I’m glad I did.  You don’t really get the full value of a trip unless you get to enjoy it many times.

I’ve been re-enjoying a trip I took almost 7 years ago, and upon reading my journal I came across a cute story.  I was touring the monastery of Jasna Gora in Poland, where the famous shrine of the “Black Madonna” is located.  This is an icon of Mary which is black from all the candle smoke of hundreds of years of votive candles.  A very sweet lady from Hong Kong pointed to the term “Madonna” on the tour brochure and asked me what that word meant.  I told her it meant “Our Lady” and that was a term for the mother of Jesus.  She replied “I understand she was the mother of Jesus.  I just couldn’t understand the “Black McDonalds”.


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