How Did We Get Here

I may be just a little grandma, and there’s a lot I don’t know, but I think common sense takes most of us a long, long way.  We just had a debate about Evolution on our college campus.  I use the term “debate” loosely, because they never debate two sides of any issue at the college.  They have one guest lecturer at the college, and then a week later, the students may speak for or against the speakers arguments.  Its hardly fair to promote only one side with a highly educated professional, and leave the other side to undergrads.  Besides, no one listens to undergrads, just like no one listens to little grandmas.  But thats a separate issue.  The issue was Evolution.  I capitalize it, because it has taken on the characteristics of a religion.  It used to be a theory– at least when my children were in school it was.  Now it has taken on the mantle of unassailable doctrine. 

When I learned science, I learned it could only apply to things that could be observed and measured.  For that reason, questions about the origin of man, of life and the like were considered outside the realm of science.  Today, science goes outside its realm all the time to make pronouncements about not only the origin of life, but all sorts of things involving ethics and morality, the nature of man and the possibility of life after death–all of which belonged in the realm of philosophy before science got so greedy.

Using common sense then, I would ask how we can possibly know through observable, measurable evidence, when or how human life began.  There is simply no measurable evidence to answer that question.  The odds that human life could have evolved from complex proteins, completely by chance, is not only a mathematical impossibility, the idea of it is so foreign to anything  we’ve ever actually seen, such reasoning would never be used to argue anything else.  The whole religion of Evolution has taken on a speculative nature.  Science can never prove nor disprove the existence of God, nor explain the origin of man.  That is not its purpose nor its method, and it would be wise for science to continue to do what it is supposed to do–use the scientific method.

I believe humans were made by God in a separate, creative act.  The reason I believe that is because Jesus Christ said we were.  I believe him because he is the only human being to ever do the things he did, then claim to be God and rise from the dead to remove all doubt.  I would urge anyone who wonders about these things to read the four original accounts of Jesus life with an open mind, and try to find an alternative explanation for Him.



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