Buy a House or Lease/Purchase part 3

We left the “House of 1000 leaks” joking that there must have been a poltergeist in it.  We moved across town to a rented house.  This house was about 80 years old, but was brick and looked to be built like a fortress.  We saw no signs of leaks or anything.  We finished moving in on Friday and had a nice weekend.  The house had a pretty little brick courtyard, and I had dreams of a New Orleans style garden.  On Monday morning I opened the back door and couldn’t believe my eyes.  The brick courtyard had disappeared in a massive sinkhole.  It turned out the 80 year old rain sewer had collapsed!  My husband and I each denied bringing the poltergeist in with any of our moving loads.  Each of us is also eternally glad we didn’t buy that house either.  It was a great house, no problem there, but the whole yard was dug up by the city for an entire year, and the courtyard had to be replaced–thankfully not at our expense!



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