One Month to Live

There is a small campaign going on right now, with the intent of getting people to think.  Its called “One Month to Live”.  Its aimed at getting people to prioritize their busy lives into what is truly important– truly of lasting value.  A parallel trend of thought could be, “what will matter after I’m gone.”  What really matters if one month from today I am wiped out in a head-on accident.  Of even greater import would be the question, what really matters if we are all wiped out one month from today?  This is food for some very deep thought and soul searching regarding one’s values.  We rarely do this.  Our lives are ruled by the urgent needs of the day to day life.  Yet as someone once said, the urgent is rarely the important.

I’m going to have to give this question some deep thought.  Although I have just finished a series of posts on “The Ten Most Important Things”, they might be more important to a satisfying and fulfilling life than they are to eternity.  I fully believe I will live forever, but I won’t live forever here.  One day I will see my Friend Jesus face to face, and I will recognize the one with whom I have had an adult lifetime of prayer conversations.  Everything will be different when I see His Face.  When I see Him face to face, it will change me forever, and as the scriptures say, I will become like Him.  I will have His perspective and His character.  With eternity in my sites, what are the most important things I should do with my one remaining month.  I’ll have to give this a great deal more thought and prayer and write a second part to this post sometime in the near future.


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