Introducing Nonni

My Nonni is a writer.  She is my quirky, wise, witty and thoroughly loveable grandmother.  She has been writing forever, but she is totally non-technical.  She is so technologically challenged, you’d have to call her techo-disabled.  She still writes with a pen and a legal pad.  But some of her stuff is pretty good, and I told her I’d set up a blog for her writing.  I love to write too, but if I write here, I’ll limit it to stories about Nonni, since this is, after all, her blog.

Nonni has been around forever–old as dirt, she would say.  She’s still sharp tho.  She was born in Scotland originally, but came to America when she was nine years old.  She lived in California most of her life.  She had a nursing school education, which was a pretty good education for life, I’d say.  She started writing about her experiences when she was quite young, and while she’s still writing today, she has a whole trunk of things she’s written over the years–much of it undated.  Whenever she has a dry spell, I’ll pull out some of the old material that looks good, and post that.

 Well, thats it for now.  I’ll add more soon.

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